Tailwindindependent musical project of Mikhail Bulgakov and Pavel Bulgakov.
City – Murmansk
Goal – develop the musical potential, and inspire listeners to charge energy.

Current members:
Mikhail Bulgakovcomposer, arranger, electric guitar, keyboards
Pavel Bulgakovproducer, electric guitar, backing vocals and extreme
Eva Kosmoslead vocals, bass, artist-designer
Alexander Chebotarenkolead vocals (album Life is like a kaleidoscope)

For us, the project Tailwind – it is a way to realize themselves in the music. In the process of creation we have a priceless experience, constantly improving playing skills on musical instruments, learn about music a lot – this makes our life more interesting. By implementing this project we approach very seriously, trying to use the maximum of their capabilities. Tailwind – is not just a musical group, this sandpit for its participants, we try to do everything with your hands, without the involvement of third-party individuals and organizations – this enables carefully refers to the project and create exactly the stuff that we hear.

Thanks to all who are with us, your support is very important to us!



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Life is like a kaleidoscope
Life is like a kaleidoscope


For any questions, please contact:

Project director:
Mikhail Bulgakov — tailwindproject@mail.ru

Additional mail: